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“From thousands of cases, I have brought to light information in my books with a plan and a process for recovery that I don’t believe is available anywhere. I encourage therapists to draw on this perspective and address these issues in counseling sessions once the structure and dynamics taught in these books have been assimilated.”  ~Patricia Evans


Generally the partner of a person who is verbally abusive will try to get their spouse to come to a couples counselor for help in waking the person up to the destructive behavior—to get it to stop! Couples counseling is not the answer.

Usually couples counselors approach the relationship problem as a 50/50 thing. This, of course, reinforces the abuser’s behavior. Usually, the abuse increases and the target feels crazier. To avoid this, it is sometimes helpful to spend some time with a therapist and then to invite the person who indulges in verbal abuse to join in some counseling with the already aware counselor.

Why Therapy

People who indulge in verbal abuse often have difficulty distinguishing between what they say and what they hear their mate say. Usually people who indulge in verbal abuse are quite unaware of their behavior and don’t see themselves as acting irrationally, or even as controlling.  It is also important to know that generally, the target need validation and emotional support and the perpetrator benefits from EMDR or other intensive trauma therapy to recover the lost parts of the self that are projected into the partner. Any therapist one goes to should have read all five books by Patricia Evans.

How It Works

Finding appropriate therapy to recover from trauma and to stop the abuse is important. What to do and how to go about waking up the person who indulges in verbal abuse are covered in Patricia’s highly-regarded books. The five together also reveal tools and processes to help the victim recover.

To be included in our database of VA Trained Therapists, you must read and implement the content of these books. Many institutions of higher education offer CE credits for this education. Then use the contact form to begin the process for approval in our database.

over 30 years of experience

Are Your Clients

* experiencing mixed feelings about your relationship?
* wondering if change is possible?
* looking for strategies to effect change?
* unsure if your feelings are “normal?”
* looking for validation and emotional support?
* looking for ways to heal and start over?
* trying to cope with harassment or a workplace bully?

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