News: Support Sites for Men Only

News: Support Sites for Men Only

Men Ending Verbal Abuse And Control (MEVAC) has been created for men seriously trying to change.

“My name is Mack. I am a reforming verbal abuser and controller. I say reforming and not reformed because I have not made it to the point yet where I don’t have to watch myself in order to always speak and act in an uplifting and encouraging manner. I began MEVAC after much thought and frustration.

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There are over 30,000 posts on MEVAC – all helpful to the man who truly wants to reform. Visit the site to learn more.

For Men Who Have Been Verbally Abused

While the forums here are for women only, we understand that men, too, can suffer verbal abuse from a partner or other relationship. The group that Patricia recommends for those who want to move past the toxic relationship(s) and heal is found here:

“You are not alone. It was not your fault. It is possible to heal. It is not too late.”

It is a healthy safe place for men facing the stress and trauma of verbal abuse, and would be very beneficial, and offers empowering resources within your reach. Read about trauma — and how men just like you have learned to cope with and even overcome its effects. Plus, get access to therapists, support groups and other resources. the link above is for the forums, visit the site’s home page for other resources, including information for therapists.

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