Controlling People Book by Patricia Evans

To find out what is really going on with the abuser, read “Controlling People.”

“…I consider your genuine blockbuster, “Controlling People,” to be probably the single greatest Grande Synthesis I have yet seen. And I have seen hundreds of hundreds of ambitious but partial attempts at this over my 75 years. Human kind urgently needs this, both on an individual and a collective level. Nothing else seems to be working very effectively. “ —Dr. David L. Quinby Professor, Emeritus Dept. of Psychology, Youngstown

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CONTROLLING PEOPLE: How to recognize, understand, and deal with people who try to control you.  This book explains the heretofore inexplicable behavior of people who try to control people. Enter The Controller’s Realm And Find Out…

  • How people become controlling.
  • Why controllers target only certain people.
  • Why controllers drive away the people they want to be closest to.
  • Why controllers often get the opposite of what they want.
  • Why most controllers appear to be nice normal people.
  • What the controller fears most?
  • Why controllers seem to be under the influence of a spell.
  • How the “spell’s” influence can be broken.
  • How someone can be a spell breaker.
  • How someone could be under a controller’s influence and not know it.
  • What controllers say about themselves.

Readers Praise

“I finished reading the book . It really brings back a lot of stuff that I endured growing up and talks about something, that until recently, no one even believed existed, Defining people. For years, while I was growing up, I tried explaining exactly the same things that you describe in your book, to psychologists and social workers, that all told me, that I was imagining things and that I was trying to start trouble. Your latest book, is the first, that actually describes in detail what an abuser actually does and how they think.”

—Anonymous Male

“Your new book, Controlling People, arrived several days ago and I have been burning the midnight oil, reading every word voraciously and making notations throughout. I greatly appreciate what you have done, Patricia, in piecing this perplexing problem together in the way that you have. “The Strangest Paradox” and the “True Connection” chapters really captivated me.”

-- A Woman Reader

“I want to tell you that I thought I knew what control was about–that you wouldn’t have much new to tell me–I’d read your books so many times. But, oh, you blew my mind. Now I finally know what was wrong. Do you know what that means to me? I can’t begin to tell you.”

-- A Client

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