Books by Others: M-MAT Multi-Modal Attachment Therapy

An Integrated Whole-Brain Approach to Attachment Injuries in Children and Families

by Catherine A. Young

EXPANDED SECOND EDITION~ New Interventions ~ More Examples ~ Expanded Descriptions ~ If you work with children and families, this may be the book you have been waiting for!

This book provides a new, easy-to-follow roadmap for understanding and working with children with some of the most challenging and treatment-resistant behaviors and their families.

Some of the most challenging children to help are those who have been injured early in life in their first relationships through disrupted or injured attachment. These children can be both hurting and hurtful to others, and are often anxious and depressed, yet push away the very things they most need for healing: love and connection. Traditional child therapies are largely ineffective and professionals and parents may be at a loss as to how to help.

Multi-Modal Attachment Therapy (M-MAT) brings a fresh, innovative approach to working with children and families struggling with attachment injuries. In a whole-brain strategy, M-MAT blends a number of modalities to target precisely those areas most impacted by the attachment injury: attachment and connection, self-concept, worldview, and skills deficits. The result is a powerful, cohesive, and comprehensive attachment-based therapy.

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