New Book Coming Soon by Patricia Evans

Two new books are in the works by Patricia Evans, noted author and consultant on the subject of Verbal Abuse. Expect to see these early in 2017!

Five best-selling books published by Patricia Evans are available on Check out one of her latest books, “The Verbally Abusive Man, Can He Change?”

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By 2017, expect to see two new books by Patricia Evans! Evans is the author of several books about verbal abuse, beginning with The Verbally Abusive Relationship (1992).  After five best-sellers, in her coming book she targets the minefields of verbal abuse at home, and then will follow that with the impact of in the lives of children. Her coming blockbuster details the home environment and how verbal abuse impairs the self-confidence and self-knowledge necessary to experience a true “relationship.” In the book which will follow that, Evans looks specifically at the impact of verbal abuse on children.  Evans’ much anticipated books are easily digested, empowering guides to identifying and curbing damaging behavior and to strengthening communication in general.

Coming 2017

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